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    Edward Snowden. (Provided photos)

    Alumni Days: Edward Snowden to discuss global privacy

    Whistle blower Edward Snowden leaked U.S. surveillance materials, making him a controversial figure: hero to some, traitor to others. On May 30, he’ll appear live via webcast from Russia to talk citizen rights, responsibilities and global surveillance. Get your tickets to Dalhousie’s Inaugural Alumni Days.


    PhD student Caitlin Cunningham

    Rewarding promise

    Chemistry professor Erin Johnson has been recognized with NSERC's prestigious E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship. This top national prize for early career scientists will enable her to devote more time to her research, and also provides financial support to grow her team of grad students and post-docs.


    One of the new Dalhousie Tigers football helmets, equipped with smart collision-detection technology. (Ryan McNutt photo)

    Tigers football team gears up with 'smart helmets'

    The new high-tech helmets monitor head impact and alert coaches when an athlete needs to be removed from play to be assessed by medical professionals.


    MP Andy Fillmore checks out a demo from Aurea, one of the companies participating in ideaHUB. (Danny Abriel photo)

    Where ideas come to life

    Located on Sexton Campus, the Emera ideaHUB empowers early stage startups and ventures led by students, faculty and alumni to create advanced prototypes and become investment ready.


    Spring 2019 Convocation

    Ceremonies will take place May 10 to June 1. Dates and times are available on the Convocation website.

    Alumni Days

    Check out events happening May 30 to June 2.

    Summer Camps

    Registration is now open. Choose from a variety of camps—all designed to educate, challenge, and inspire children ages 5-17.

    DalSAFE Campus Alerts

    Are you signed up for Dal’s *NEW* alert system? Subscribe to receive campus alerts via text message.

    Register on Track

    New students are invited to take part in course registration workshops online, on campus and in the community.

    Presidential Search

    We have begun the search for our 12th president. For more information visit the Presidential Search website.